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Injury and Accident Lawyer Scott D. DeSalvo explains why regular people must arm themselves with injury information to protect their right to recover when they have been involved in a work accident or car accident, or any type of injury.

I wrote a Special Report filled with injury information written for regular people, not injury lawyers.  I later expanded the Report into an entire package that I send out for free to people who have suffered a personal injury.  It doesn’t matter whether they hire me or whether their case is already over or even if they have no case.  And the information in the Book, Report, DVD and CD all relate to a car accident, Workers Comp, slip, and fall, dog bite — pretty much every kind of injury case, because although they are all very different, many of the details and secret tricks you need to know are similar.

Back Injury

I self-publish the book and we re-produce the DVD and CD “in house’ at my personal injury law firm to keep costs down and to be able to send them out the injury information ‘on demand’ to people who need this important information to protect themselves and their loved ones if they have been hurt.

And I obviously send them out free of charge and no-obligation.  I am doing this because I take the public service obligations of being a lawyer seriously.  Even if I cannot earn money from a person with a case does not mean that I cannot help them and the general public with information about injury cases and injury lawyers that I wish more people knew.

The book tells the story of why I became a lawyer and how my father was injured in a serious Workers Comp case, and his case went on for 17 years.  He missed the opportunity to recover more money in a third party personal injury case because of the lawyers he hired.  His bad experience really had a profound negative effect on his life.  He was a victim once, being injured, and for the rest of his life, in addition to his injuries, he felt ‘screwed over’ by the system.

I do not want anyone else or anyone’s family to have to go through this sort of thing.  And you do not have to.  You need to know your rights, and the things to do to protect your cash value, and the things NOT to do, because they can really hurt your case.

injury book and dvdIf you have been hurt or have questions about an injury case, I offer injured people a copy of my FREE Injury DVD and Book.  Just call me at my 24/7/365 toll free number 888-HURT-318 (888-487-8318)  and ask for the free injury book, and give us your name and mailing address and I will mail it to you free of charge and no obligtion.  Or if you are ready to talk, call that same number and ask to speak with me.  Good luck and thanks for watching.

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