Motorcycle Accident Attorney Shopping? Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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May 24  

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Shopping? Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Needs? What To Look For To Make Sure You Get The Best Lawyer For You and Your Motorcycle Crash Case.

Did you know motorcycle riders are up to five times more likely to be injured in an accident than car passengers? Any good motorcycle accident attorney can tell you that motorcycle crashes result in serious injuries.

All kinds of motor vehicle accidents (including involving a motorcycle) happen every day, which means there is always a risk of you being involved in one.

In the unfortunate event that an accident should happen to you, you'll need the right motorcycle accident attorney to protect yourself.  He or she can help you get compensation for damages to your bike and your health.

If you've already gotten in an accident, don't just hire the first attorney you find without thinking about it.

Ask your the following questions to be sure you're getting the best motorcycle accident attorney for you and your case.

1. Are Auto and Motorcycle Accident Cases Your Specialty?

Not every attorney is a motorcycle accident attorney.

Some firms specialize in family law, workers' compensation, or immigration. As such, be sure to clarify the niche of whom you're speaking to.

This ensures you're moving forward with the most knowledgeable person possible.

An attorney who focuses on motorcycle accidents is one who knows how these cases go.

They understand every angle that an insurance company or the other party will try to take. This means they are best prepared to make a strong case and anticipate the backlash.

2. What Is Your Success Rate?

Once you confirm an attorney specializes in motorcycle accidents, ask about their success rates.

Just because they work in the field doesn't mean they are good at what they do.

An attorney doesn't need to have 100% success to be qualified, though. These are rare. Just look for an attorney who can prove they know what they're doing.  A lawyer who has a 100% success rate only settles cases and only takes the very easy ones.  You want someone with a success rate at least 80 to 90%.  You want a fighter.

This person will have a strong success rate. They will be able to share multiple examples of previous wins - with client confidentially in mind, of course.

3. Do You Have Good Reviews?

The Best Motorcycle Accident Reviews

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If you really want proof of previous successes, ask for reviews.

Many firms will have some testimonials handy.  Or check out Google.  But ask yourself: do the reviews seem real or fake?

These are real examples of real people who have seen significant wins with their service. Referrals are often detailed, which allow you to get a better understanding of a certain lawyer's approach.

Such positive stories are a good sign to keep the conversation going when picking a motorcycle accident attorney.

4. Will You Contact My Insurance Company?

Opening a case after a motorcycle accident usually goes hand in hand with filing an insurance claim.

As such, you should find an attorney who is willing to take care of both sides of the situation.

Some would rather you file the claim yourself and then pass along the paperwork.

This is an added stress you don't need. You likely have other things to deal with like bike repairs and your well-being.

Put yourself first and find a motorcycle accident attorney prepared to do the same. This person will be ready to handle the ins and outs of your claim, then use this as evidence in your case.

motorcycle accident attorney
5. What Are Your Payment Expectations?

We offer a contingency fee.  That means No Fee Until We Win.

We also advance all case costs.  DO NOT work with a lawyer if they expect any money from out of your pocket.

How a lawyer deals with insurance is only one sign of how much they care about your situation.

Another telling detail is their payment expectations.

Every reputable firm should operate on contingent fees for auto and motorcycle accidents.

A contingent fee states you are only expected to pay an attorney in the event that they win your case. Their payment is then a percentage of the compensation you receive.

This means you should never have to pay anything out of pocket, at any point!

If a motorcycle accident attorney tries to fine you, you're in the wrong hands. Be crystal clear about the payment method.

Set up the percentage agreement ahead of time to best protect your finances.

6. What Else Do You Need From Me?

Don't decide on your motorcycle accident attorney right after you discuss payment percentages.

You still need to know what is expected of you.

Some lawyers will want you to keep up with them. You will be the person initiating meetings and follow-ups throughout the trial process.

Others prefer to work the other way around, with them contacting you as they need something.

This question is about more than communication, though. It's about gathering as many details as possible to make the best case for your situation.

Be prepared for an attorney to ask about medical records from the accident. They may even ask for your health condition prior to the event in order to make a case for the difference the accident made.

You may have to show time off work or proof that your injuries are related to your line of work, too. All of these details add up in your favor, so be willing to work with what is being asked of you.

7. How Can I Reach You During This Process?

The final thing to bring up during a motorcycle accident legal consultation is accessibility to your attorney.

Some firms juggle more clients than they can handle. These offices often have more than one person working on a case in order to keep things moving.

Such situations are far from ideal. They put you in a position that it makes it hard to establish consistency and trust when making your case. Some might even have interns or paralegals assigned to help you!

You want to be sure the person in your consultation is the same person handling your case every step of the way.

More so, you should be confident that you can reach them when necessary. This means you'll have direct access to them, not their intern or secretary.

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