Nursing Home Neglect: Know The Types


June 2  

Home Neglect: Knowing the Common Types

nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect on your mind? Find out the most common typers of nursing home abuse and neglect so you can protect your loved ones.

It’s unfortunate that nursing home negligence attorneys in Chicago and across the United States need to exist. But negligence in nursing home is not uncommon.

The National Research Council Panel to Review Risk and Prevalence of Elder Abuse and Neglect said that elderly people in homes offering long-term supportive care are at an increased risk for abuse and neglect.

 Holding nursing home owners, managers, and staff accountable for their negligence is essential to stopping it.

Choose a nursing or long term care facility carefully.

The first step is to take great care when choosing a nursing home for yourself or your elderly loved ones. But if you’re past that and you suspect the staff of negligence at your chosen nursing home, it’s good to know what types of neglect there are.

According to the Administration on Aging, neglect of the elderly falls into two categories:

  1. Neglect – the failure by those responsible to provide food, shelter, health care, or protection for a vulnerable elder.
  1. Self-Neglect – characterized as the failure of a person to perform essential self-care tasks and that such failure threatens his/her own health or safety.

Understanding Examples of Nursing Home Neglect

Besides knowing the two major types of neglect it’s good to know some examples of neglect. The Medicare website provides a list of rights and protections all nursing home residents are entitled to. Be aware that additional laws may apply depending on the city and state.

That’s why it’s best to engage a nursing home negligence attorney in Chicago if you or a loved one has been neglected by nursing home staff.

All nursing home residents are entitled to have their family or representative notified when:

  • You’re injured and need a doctor
  • Your condition starts to get worse—physically or mentally
  • You need significant changes in your treatment

You also have a right to receive social services such as:

  • Counseling
  • Help to solve issues involving other residents
  • Help to contact financial or legal service providers

Knowing your rights will help make you an advocate for yourself or your loved one. And self-advocacy is vital when nursing home negligence is so common.

If things have progressed too far though, it’s best to engage a nursing home negligence attorney in Chicago.

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