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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Chicago Can Help Get Answers For You And Your Family In Case Of Nursing Home Injury

nursing home abuse attorney chicago

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Chicago offers free consultations and no fee until we win, which means you get a full and free investigation of your loved one's injury and answers when someone gets hurt at a nursing home.

In the state of Illinois nursing home residents are protected under the law from nursing home abuse and neglect to ensure their safety and well being. Residents are protected under both state and federal laws and if their rights are violated the nursing home can be liable both civilly and criminally.

In Illinois, government agencies are responsible for investigating, taking in complaints, and ensuring the safety of nursing home residents. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act (210 ILCS 45) protects nursing home residents and their right to complain, right to a doctor of their own choosing, access to their own medical records, and a number of other rights to their bodies and decisions. The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act also means that should a nursing home violate any of the legally protected rights of its residents then said residents can take legal action. This is when the help of a nursing home abuse attorney Chicago is needed.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Chicago

An experienced nursing home abuse attorney Chicago will be the biggest asset to your case. Here is what an attorney can do for you and your loved one.

  • Take a professional assessment of the alleged abuse and provide legal counsel as to whether or not you have a case.
  • Contact the proper authorities and agencies to file a complaint and get an investigation started.
  • Help you and your loved one compile the evidence needed to fight and win a nursing home abuse case.
  • Represent you and your loved in court.

The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo

If you need an experienced nursing home abuse attorney Chicago contact the Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvoWe have helped many clients fight for the justice they deserve and are dedicated to doing the same for you and your loved one. Call us today to get your case started.

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nursing home abuse attorney chicago


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