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Nursing Home Sexual Abuse: How To Know, What to Do.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse? Here Is Some Info You Probably Need to Know.

Statistics of elderly sexual abuse are underreported and vastly misunderstood. Victims of sexual abuse are most commonly those who suffer from memory loss, dementia, or difficulty communicating. There is a variety of behaviors that may constitute “sexual abuse” of the elderly, but involves the unwanted sexual conduct against a senior citizen.

Who Are The Offenders?

Although there isn’t a whole lot of information regarding the sexual abuse of elders out there, the research that has been conducted suggests that frequently, the offenders involved in these instances can be nursing home employees, visitors, or even family members. Victims generally have trouble communicating making it difficult (for some—nearly impossible) to report incidents of abuse. Furthermore, because caregivers are the ones committing the act, the senior citizen being abused may not have anyone else to turn to for help.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms?

There are a number of signs and symptoms that may indicate sexual abuse of the elderly. The prevalence of sexually transmitted infections or diseases in those living in nursing homes is one of the biggest indicators of unwanted sexual conduct. Victims may experience bruised inner thighs, irritation, or pain around the general area. 

Blood-stained or torn undergarments or other signs of genital/anal pain, bleeding, or disruption are generally clear indications of abuse. Other, less obvious signs may include injuries to the pelvic area that may result in a difficulty sitting or walking, as well as behavioral changes like agitation, panic attacks, extreme aggression, withdrawal, or suicidal tendencies.

What Can Be Done?

It’s important that if you have a loved one in a nursing home, that you are made aware of the signs of abuse and that you look out for them frequently. An elderly person may not always report their abuse or even be able to communicate what happened properly, so the responsibility of noticing signs and symptoms may fall on the shoulders of loved ones. If you notice any of the signs of sexual abuse above, you’ll want to act fast to prevent further abuse and get the justice to which the victim is entitled.

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