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I have represented a lot of people who have been injured in a slip and fall. In every kind of case, the insurance company wants a recorded statement, whether it is a slip and fall injury or car accident.  No matter the kind of case, they want a recorded statement.  Why?

Think about it for a second:  they are already talking to you on the phone.  Why do they need a recorded statement?  They know the basics of what happened?

They want a recorded statement in your slip and fall injury case because they want to PIN YOU DOWN.  In other words, they want to get you to commit to a particular sequence of what happened. Then, if you change it later or remember something later, they can say that you are lying and deny your claim.

hey also want a recorded statement in your fall down injury case because they are going to ask you LEADING QUESTIONS.  Leading questions are questions where you “lead” the witness into answering the way you want.  These insurance adjusters use outlines created by lawyers.  These are not innocent questions, asked in a neutral way.  They are biased questions meant to lead you into saying something that will hurt your case.  That’s why they always try to get a statement BEFORE you talk to a lawyer.  Good injury lawyers know the tricks and can protect you.

I never let my clients give recorded statements, and I tell everyone who calls my office not to give them.  In my experience, they rarely are being used honestly by the insurance company.  They are almost always used to justify NOT making a reasonable offer to settle.  So why should we help them?  I’ve settled thousands of cases over the years, and none of those required recorded statements.

So if you have been injured in a slip and fall, you should NOT give a recorded statement.  The other thing you should do is speak with a lawyer.  These cases are very tough.  They are much more complicated than many people think.  Without a skilled lawyer on your side, you do not stand much of a chance at getting a fair result.

I have gotten substantial results for clients in slip and fall cases.  No case is the same and this is not a promise I can do the same for you, but I have gotten $400,000 for a lady who had to have surgery after a slip and fall at a condo, and over $120,000 for a lady with a broken ankle and chipped tooth who fell at a school.  These cases can have good value, but you have to have someone who has experience in these kinds of cases.

I offer a free case evaluation, so give me a call right now to talk about your slip and fall injury.  Many time, people think a lawyer is going to be pushy or rude, but I am not.  I like to have a nice, friendly relationship with my clients, and that means respect for you.  Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working with you.

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