Fall Down Injury Cases: How They Work, How To Win Them.

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May 21  

Fall Down Injury Cases Can Result in a GREAT Settlement With Medical Bills and Wages Paid or a BAD Outcome.  Learn how these caes work so you can win your fall down case.

Fall down cases are very common, especially in places like Chicago where it snows a lot. But fall down injury cases involve a lot more than just people who fall on a slippery sidewalk.

Every year, thousands of people slip and fall inside of grocery stores, and retail stores all over the United States. Sometimes, these falls are random occurrences. But usually, they are because the store or the property owner or manager did not keep the store safe for people coming in there to do their shopping.

A Common Defense

A common defense in fall down injury cases is that the person who fell should have been watching where they were going.

But in a grocery store as on a crowded sidewalk, people do not normally walk down the street with their head down watching every step they take. No one walks like that. 

In fact, it would be dangerous to walk like that. When you walk, you have to try not to bump into other people. If you are in a grocery store, the store owner does everything in his or her power to make you look at the shelves so you will buy more products. After all, that is how the store owner makes money.

Getting Paid In A Fall Is Not Automatic

I have talked to many people who think that if they fall on someone else’s property, that automatically means that the property owner must pay their medical bills. This is absolutely 100% incorrect. There is no such law or requirement.

Instead, fall down cases are some of the most difficult kinds of injury cases to prove.

In order to prove most fall down injury cases, we have to be able to prove what caused you to fall as well as proving how long the problem existed. That’s because we have to be able to show that the owner or manager of the property knew about the problem and did nothing to fix it or that the problem. Or, that it was there for so long that if they were managing their property properly, they would’ve or should have discovered it and fixed it.

fall down cases
Know and Prove the Reason

I have represented people in fall down cases on sidewalks, on public property, private property, in grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, and all sorts of facilities. Most people do not fall down spontaneously and for no reason. It is usually because the environment that they encounter is unsafe for some reason.  

I have handled a lot of falls downstairs where a landlord paints stairs with slippery paint. Or loose carpet makes stairs dangerous because when somebody steps on the carpeted steps, the carpeting shifts and slides under their feet causing them to lose balance, and dark stairways make it hard to see the dangerous condition to protect yourself from it.

The important thing to remember is this area of the law is much more complicated than most folks understand. And most defense attorneys who defend these cases are specialists in the area. So if you have been injured in a fall, it is essential that you hire a lawyer who has lots of experience in fall down cases and understands all the law cases so that your lawyer will know the evidence he or she needs to prove your case.

We have to be able to prove exactly how and why you fell.  Getting photos of the area and what made you fall is invaluable.  You have to get the photos right away BEFORE the landlord can make repairs.

Who Own?  Who Manages?

In order to find insurance and know who to sue in case we have to file a law suit in fall down cases, there's things we have to know.

  • Who owns the property where you had a slip and fall? 
  • Who is the manager or the renter of the property?

This isn't important for a fall at work usually, but it is critically important in fall down cases.  Once we know who is responsible for the property, then we can figure out what insurance we have.  Then, we can try to settle your case.

Providing your slip and fall lawyer a copy of your lease or other posted management signs will help with this.

The Most Important Advice in Fall Down Cases?  Talk To A Lawyer.

I have more than 20 years experience and a very high rate of success in fall down cases.  We get settlement for people even when other lawyers will not take their cases.  We do an excellent job on slip and fall cases.

I have handled literally hundreds of fall down cases. If you have fallen on someone else’s property due to a problem or defect on the property, please call me. I offer a free case evaluation and I can set your mind at ease.

Within just a minute or two I will be able to tell you how strong your case is and what the next step should be. And I charge no fee unless I win your case.

So if you have a case like this, please call me right away at 312-500-4500 for a free consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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