Slip and Fall Lawyer Explains What To Do If You Were Injured in A Fall.

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June 3  

Slip and Fall Lawyer Explains What To Do If You Were Injured in A Fall.

Slip and Fall Lawyer Gives You The Info You Need If You Fell or Got Hurt In A Fall On Snow or Ice.

Hi guys! Slip and fall injury lawyer Scott here.

Available in today’s video we’re gonna talk about slip and falls that occur because of snow, ice or water. 

The first thing you should be aware of is that you cannot sue in the state of Illinois for somebody failing to shovel snow.

There’s something called the natural accumulation rule which says:

If snow rain falls from the sky onto the ground and accumulates and somebody encounters that snow or ice and they fall, it’s not the property owners fault or the property managers fault.

Now here’s a big exception.

You can still recover in these kinds of cases. But you have to find a defect which caused the snow and ice to collect unnaturally.


So for example if snow or rain fell but there is an awning dripping on a sidewalk in front of a restaurant, that is an unnatural accumulation of ice and snow. You may be able to recover for that.

What if somebody removes no but they do it in a negligent way. They pile snow in an area that ultimately causes you an injury. It might be recoverable.

I’ll tell you one thing about ice and snow cases. The law in Illinois really tries to protect owners and managers of property against these kinds of cases.  Fall down cases are harder than people think.

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What Do We Have To Prove?

Here's what we have to prove if we are handling a slip and fall case.

  • You fell.
  • A problem on the property caused the fall.
  • The problem was created by the owner or manager of the property, or was there for so long that they knew about it or should have known about it.
  • The owner or manager of the property did not act reasonably in addressing or fixing the problem.
  • The problem or 'defect' that made you fall is 'unreasonably dangerous'.
  • You got hurt in the fall.

In a car accident case, we only have to prove 3 things.  So you can see that in slip and fall cases, it is more complicated.

Worse still is that in a fall on ice or a fall on snow, we have to prove that the ice or snow didn't just fall from the sky. As we talked about above, if ice or rain or snow just falls from the sky and causes you to fall, that is a natural accumulation.  You cannot sin a case like that.

But if there is a gutter or overhang that directs the water in a particular area, that could ube unnatural accumulation, and that means we can probably win.

Or if a snow plow or snow removal service moves snow and causes a condition that makes you fall?  You can also have an injury case for falling on ice and snow.

But fall down cases are hard and they benefit a lot from a lawyer who knows how to win.

Talk to an experienced slip and fall attorney.

So if you fallen on ice, snow, or water, absolutely avail yourself of the free consultation that almost all lawyers give. These days almost every injury lawyer works on a contingency fee. This means you don’t pay them until they win. They’re willing to talk to you for free.

Here's what you have to know about talking to a slip and fall lawyer:

  • 100% free to call and talk to the lawyer.
  • Only hire the lawyer if you choose to.
  • Pay the layer no out of pocket money. They only get paid out of what they win. If they lose, they get nothing.

My number one advice if you had one of these kinds of cases is absolutely talk to an injury lawyer. I’ll give you a hint about who you might be able to talk to.

Thanks for watching the video.

As a slip and fall lawyer, if you have any questions I offer a free no-obligation consultation so call me at:

I look forward to hearing from you guys thanks for watching the video!

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