Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Chicago Slip and Fall? Who Is Responsible?

Who is responsible for my Chicago slip and fall?

You've fallen on somebody's property and you're wondering, who do we sue? Who's responsible? And who do you contact about your medical bills and your injuries.

Well there are three people who we always look for to be responsible when you get injured on somebody else's property.

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The Property Owner

The first person is obviously the property owner. Under Illinois Law, the owner of a property has a non-delegable duty to keep their property reasonably safe. And that means, they can't just farm it out and get off the hook.

The Property Manager

The second group of people we look for in a fall down case or a slip and fall case to be responsible and pay the medical bills, is the manager of the property. If it's a commercial property or a fancy building downtown, the owners of the property probably don't manage it.

They have probably hired a separate company to keep the property safe. And if you fall on an unsafe condition, they haven't done their job. So property managers are also companies we look to.

Third Parties

Finally, in slip and fall cases, we look for the people who have created a defect. Sometimes a problem on property is not created by the owner or the manager of the property, but some third party.

Maybe some business was moving materials through the area and it created an unsafe condition. Or they spilled something on the floor. Or maybe they were doing work in the area and did not clean it up. Or did not guard a hole or a problem in the area that caused you to fall.

So that's who we look for. Property owners, property managers, and third parties who may have created an unsafe condition on property.

I hope this information helps you.

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