Uber Crash Settlement? How Long To Settle An Uber Accident?

uber crash settlement

November 1  

Uber Crash Settlement? How Long Does It Take To Get a Settlement If Your Got Hurt In An Uber Car Crash?

What You Need to Know About How To Get The Most In Your Uber Crash Settlement

Uber Technologies Incorporated, or what's commonly known as Uber, is a company based in America. The services they offer include passenger transportation, couriers, food-deliveries, package deliveries, etc. Nowadays, people often prefer Uber because of the convenience of transport and reliability. You no longer have to stress yourself and wait for a taxi to pass by. 

You just open your Uber app, select your destination, and then the driver comes to you. You will also see information regarding the driver, so there is an added security compared to normal taxi drivers. Uber is also one of the best and most reliable when it comes to package deliveries and food deliveries. They have received decent feedback from various customers.

What is an Uber Crash Settlement?

Accidents may actually happen at any time and anywhere. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. It is a brilliant idea to have basic knowledge regarding settlements and insurance policies. 

This is to ensure that you get a fair settlement. If you are an Uber driver, the best thing to do is to drive defensively and to follow traffic rules at all times. Above all, whether you're a passenger, an Uber driver, or another driver, the best thing to do is to take extra caution to avoid accidents.

Accidents happen whether we like it or not, and the same goes for Uber. Over the years, there were plenty of road accidents involving Uber drivers and riders. The amount of an Uber accident settlement depends on a variety of factors. 

Insurance benefits will depend on a variety of factors as well. The objective of an Uber crash settlement is to cover all the losses. According to statistics, an Uber crash may reach up to a million dollars' worth depending on the crash's circumstances.

Of course, there are insurance policies for Uber drivers. However, as with almost any insurance policies, they are complicated.

  • Suppose the Uber driver has not logged into the system for work and does not have a passenger. In that case, accidents that happen in these instances are covered by the driver's personal insurance carrier instead of Uber.
  • If the driver does not have a passenger but is logged in at the time of the accident, their insurance still covers the damages. However, should their insurance deny or does not cover the full amount of the costs, then Uber will cover 50,000 dollars per injury and at 100,000 dollars' maximum.
  • Lastly, if the driver is logged in and has a passenger during the time of the accident, then Uber covers up to 1 million dollars' worth of costs. This extends to the driver, the passenger, and all the damages to properties.

In an Uber Crash Settlement, What are the Rights of Uber Drivers and Uber Passengers? 

Of course, passengers and drivers have different rights when it comes to settlements. Based on the insurance coverage, we can see that passengers and other third parties have more options than drivers. Furthermore, drivers often face negative consequences regardless of whose fault the accident is. 

What are the factors that determine the amount of the Uber Settlement?

Several factors can affect the amount of Uber Crash Settlement the driver or the rider receives. As with any settlement cases, the factors vary in every case. The following are the most important factors to consider in determining the amount of the Uber crash settlement:

  • Whose fault is it?

For passengers, it is, of course, not your fault. However, it is still your responsibility to legally prove whose fault the accident was to hold them liable for any injuries you sustained. 

If your Uber driver was the one at fault, then most probably, Uber will increase the amount of your settlement to cover the costs. If another driver hits the Uber car you are riding, then due process must be ensured to determine if it was the Uber driver's fault or if it was the other driver's fault.

  • The severity of the injuries and damages

Another thing that can vastly affect the amount of an Uber crash settlement is the severity of the injuries and damages. For the injuries, it is not enough to just state your injuries and then wait for them to release the money. Some injuries have long term impacts. 

For example, if an injury causes the passenger to be unable to go to work or when the injury can cause problems later on. Generally speaking, severe injuries would most likely result in higher settlements. A general rule of thumb is just to have your treatment immediately and monitor your recovery before settling your case.

  • The amount available for the settlement

Uber accidents can be very complicated, especially when determining how much money is available for the settlement. For passengers, their insurance might cover the costs depending on various factors. 

If the Uber driver is the cause of the crash, several insurance policies can increase the passenger's settlement and the third party liabilities. If several people are injured in the accident, then there may be a competition to see who gets more out of the Uber settlement.

How Long Does Uber Crash Settlement Process Take?

There is no standard as to how long these settlements can be. There are many factors to consider, and for those wanting to get the maximum amount of settlement, patience is a must. You do not want to settle your case only to find out that sometime later, other costs might occur that are connected to the accident.

This is common in medical issues. In some cases, wherein one side thinks the settlement is not fair, lawsuits may ensue. In these cases, settlements would take a very long time.

Final Thoughts

There are many modes of transportation today. For long distances, we have trains and buses. For overseas we have planes and ships. For considerable distances we have taxis. Others use their private vehicles. Transportation in this day and age has never been more convenient than in the previous years, but this should not be a reason why we neglect or compromise our own safety.

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