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Hey guys. Workers Comp lawyer Scott DeSalvo here.

In this video I am going to tell you the three things you should know about Workers Comp in Illinois.

If you’re an employee injured at work then you are probably entitled to benefits under Workers Comp.  Of course things can get complicated depending on your particular situation.

So I am going to share the three things I wish people knew about Workers Comp in Illinois.

It is important because if you do these things you’ll have a stronger case and if you don’t do them then you can lose your case.

First, there are two deadlines in Workers Comp.

If you miss a deadline then your case could be over.

The first deadline is the 45-day rule.

You have to report the accident or incident or injury at work within 45 days within the date of injury.  Sometimes people get hurt at work and they hide it.  But if you do get hurt at work you have to report it and you have 45 days to do it.

 The second deadline is the three years from the date of the injury.

That is how much time you have to file an actual application at the Workers Compensation Commission.  Blow this date and you have no case.

The second thing I wish people knew about with Workers Comp is that the right doctor makes all the difference.

If you get hurt get to a doctor right away.  And make sure that your doctor is on your side.

Many people go to the company doctor that the company sends them too.  Sometimes it works out okay but often the company doctor is on the side of the company.  They can be harsh and skeptical if the company wants them to be.

Since your doctor controls whether you return to work to work, and what medical treatment you will get approved for, making sure you have a doctor who is on your side and who is reasonable and fair is super important.

If your doctor is rude or aggressive, get another doctor.

Finally the last thing I want to tell you is that the more permanent the injury and the more money per hour you make, the more money your case is worth.

In other words, a guy who makes $20 an hour gets almost twice as much for the same injury as the guy who makes $10 an hour.

Is that fair? No, not really.  But it works that way because how the Workers Comp act calculates the value of the case.

I hope this information helps you. If you still have some questions, give me a call at 888-HURT-318

I offer a free consultation in person or by telephone, your choice.

I can answer all of your questions with no obligation.

If you aren’t ready for that, I’d be happy to send you a copy of my injury DVD video which answers the most common questions injured people have. It can be delivered electronically to you at your e-mail address or if you would like a hard copy/physical copy, I will mail that to you for free.

Providing good information to injured people is the mission of my law office. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call.


"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life.   Scott is a down to earth person and attorney.  Scott is a 5 star first class act who really knows his stuff.   The Judge said his presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen.   Take my advice, hire Scott. I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied.  I was."

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