Chicago Injury Lawyer – Do I Need A Lawyer For Soft Tissue Injuries?

May 31  

Chicago Injury Lawyer Answers "Do I Need A Lawyer For Soft Tissue Injuries?"

Chicago Injury Lawyer - Do I Need A Lawyer For "Soft Tissue" Injuries Like neck sprain, back sprain or whiplash?

Going up against big insurance companies is a little daunting sometimes.

So a good injury lawyer like Scott, helping a person to recover from your  injuries or your losses from that insurance company is just an absolute necessity.

Aren't "Soft Tisssue" Injuries like whiplash or a neck or back sprain or strain small and not worth talking to a lawyer about?

I have done injury law the entire time I have been practicing.

I guess I could go be a defense lawyer and get paid the big bucks guaranteed by the insurance companies but that is just not where my heart lies. I like to help the little guy. It is the David and Golieth deal.

Anyone can go help the powerful rich people but we need good people fighting to help the little guy who is sort of getting worked over by the money-run interests.

Here's what you need to know about neck whiplash and back sprain adn other 'soft tissue' injuries, which are usually temporary and not permanent.

1.  Soft Tissue Injuries Can Lead To Surgery and Permanent Pain

Many people want to wait to see a doctor after a crash or accident.  They don't want to make a big deal of it. They will do basic treatment at home.

And many injuries DO go away on their own.

But I have been doing this for a long time, and many of my 'neck sprain' or whiplash clients end up taking medication and doing therapy, and then later, discover that they have a herniated disk in their neck or back.  The doctor then says they need injections or  a surgery such as diskectomy or spinal fusion, which are very serious surgeries.

So you always need to see a doctor aafter an injury and talk to a Chicago Injury Lawyer because the smart ones know that what starts out as a simple and small case can easily become more serious.

And if your injury case gets bigger and more serious, you are sure going to be glad youy took it seriously at the beginning.

2.  Even Without A Surgery, A Permanent Soft Tissue Injury Can Leave You With Serious Consequences.

I have represented many clients over the years who ended up with a serious and permanent back problem or neck problem.  Many of them delayed getting help early on, and some fell into an insurance company trap which limited their case value.

If you have to walk around with a little bit of neck pain for the rest of your life, I take it seriously and I try to get you as much money as we possibly can.  That's why talking to a lawyer will help.

Chicago Injury Lawyer
3.  Most Injury Lawyers Are Willing To Handle Smaller Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injury Cases.

Some of us, like my office, are just committed to helping injured people no matter what their injury is.

Others understand that smaller cases can become largers quite quickly and easily.

I am really seeing it more and more where these insurance companies are basically putting the hurt on the little guy because if it is not a serious big injury with hundreds and thousands of medical bills and a surgery, a lot of lawyers feel lukewarm about the case.

This is because you are not talking about the automatic slam dunk. I obviously like slam dunks too.

But I see it happen every day where insurance companies just discount somebody’s injury if it is lower on that pain scale even if it is permanent.  They know that if they get in front of the jury and pull off some the tricks that they pull, they can get a jury to believe that it is not a real injury.

But I will tell you, a permanent injury to the neck or back that nags you or bothers you or interrupts your sleep, you know it is a life sentence and the doctors have told you that there is nothing they can do for you- to me that is a big deal.

So when someone comes in my office and says that is the problem they are having and they need my help, I take it seriously and do everything I can to help them.

Either way, since we offer a free consultation where all of your questions will be answered, therre is no reasons not to talk to the best Chicago Injury Lawyer.

"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life....5 star first class act who really knows his stuff."

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"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life....5 star first class act who really knows his stuff."

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