Last Updated: November 9, 2022

If I Was Hurt at Work, Should I Treat With the Company Doctor?

If you're injured in a worker’s comp case, should you treat with the company doctor?

Believe it or not, in almost every Workers Comp case that I’ve handled, the insurance company would rather have you treat with their doctor. But is that a good choice or not?

The answer is usually NOT. 

You see, company doctors get lots of referrals from the workers comp company, so we always like to think our doctor is going to be loyal to us but we're only one customer if you're treating with a company doctor.

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Choose Your Own Doctor

The company sends lots and lots of patients to the doctor, so it creates an issue of loyalty. Is the doctor going to be loyal to you, the patient? Or will he or she be loyal to the company that sends him repeat business? That is why I always tell people if you sense anything fishy or anything suspicious about a company doctor, to consider choosing your own doctor because you have a right to do those under workers comp law.

You can always get to pick who treats you and who directs your treatment even though the company can ask you to be examined by their doctor as many times as they choose.

Always remember don't be afraid to pick a doctor who you know is on your side, ask around, your family or friends, and make sure the doctor that you choose to treat you has some experience in workers comp litigation. Because putting the right things in the medical records to completely document your injury can mean the difference between winning a case or having a tough contested case.

Don't be afraid to pick your own doctor to protect your rights.

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