Car Accident Question: What To Do When Insurance Will Not Pay?

Car Accident

May 18  

Car Accident Question: What To Do When Insurance Will Not Pay?

car accident question

Car Accident Question:  What should I do if I’ve been involved in a car accident and the insurance company does not want to pay?

There are many different kinds of damages you can claim in a car accident crash case. I usually categorize them between property damage losses in personal injury losses.

Car Accident Question – Property Damage

Most of the time, insurance companies are pretty reasonable when it comes to fixing your car. Of course, that assumes that who caused the accident is not an issue. In other words, if the other driver’s insurance company things that you caused the accident, then they will not want to pay for your car repairs, rental, or any other damages. If this is your situation, you will have to repair your car yourself or submit your claim to your own insurance company if you have full coverage auto insurance.

But if it is clear that the crash was the other driver’s fault, usually the other driver’s insurance will pay for the repairs. Unfortunately, there are many crummy insurance companies out there who take a long time to do a property damage estimate and then do not want to pay the towing or storage fees for the car during that time.

They also do not want to pay for our rental car and will fight you every step of the way if your personal property has been lost or so stolen as a result of the crash.

Car Accident Question – Personal Injury

When it comes to personal injuries, almost every insurance company these days will give you a hard time. A common tactic that they use these days is to be generally supportive of you and suggest to you that they will take care of the injury claim once you are done going to the doctor. Then, they will get you or agreement to pay your medical bills directly. But this is a mistake.

Once the insurance company has paid your medical bills, you will never be allowed to tell the jury about those medical bills. Then, then, they cut a deal with the doctor or hospital to pay pennies on the dollar for the medical bill and refused to pay you any money for your pain and suffering, time lost from work, or any of the other damages you may have suffered in your car crash.

It is a dirty trick because everyone wants to be reasonable. But this is just one example of how insurance companies use their superior knowledge and experience in injury claims to trick injured people into taking less money or recovering no money when they’ve been hurt in a car accident.

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