Car Accident Settlement? How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Crash Case?

car accident settlement

February 1  

Car Accident Settlement? How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Crash Case?

car accident settlement

Car Accident Settlement? How Long Does It Take To Get a Settlement If Your Got Hurt In A Car Crash?

Car accidents are very common.  In fact, they are probably the most common way car accident lawyers know that people get hurt and make a claim for their injuries.

Speeding in 2020 was up 14%.  And car accidents with fatal injuries went up in 2020 despite far fewer cars being on the road.

So car accident injury cases can settle in a matter of months or last for years if there are issues in dispute.  A good lawyer can tell you and giver you an estimate on your case for free if you get a free consultation, because a lot goes int to this.

Here are the factors which will decide whether your car crash injury is settled quickly or takes a long time.

Who Caused the Crash?

If your acccident is very clear, then your case tends to settle faster.  In other words, if you got rear ended, and there's video to show you did nothing wrong, and there are witnesses and they all say the 'other guy' hit you from the rear while you were stopped, there is less reason for the insurance company to fight your case and delay a car accident settlement.

But if the injury case involves you saying the other guy ran a red light, and you say the other guy ran the red light, then there is fight over who is at fault.  If there is a dispute, then it takes longer to fight the case.  That's why getting photos of the car damage and intersection is important, as well as getting witness info if you are able to.

Is Insurance Settled?

Sometimes, what insurance companies are involved in a particular car accident settlement is a question mark.  For example if you recently switched insurance, we may think one company is invovled when another car insurance company is actually responsible.  

Same with the Defendant's insurance. A lot of people list old insurance which lapsed.  Or if a driver hits you in the rear, sometimes they get out of the car and run away, and later claim that the car was stolen.  In that case, the insurance company is definitely going to fight the case.  This definitely slows things way down.

But if we are able to know the insurance companies and those compnaies confirm coverage on the date of the car accident, then we are in good shape.  Your case moves along much quicker.

Are You Recovered?

We cannot settle a case until we know what your medical outcome is.  In other words, we need to know if you need more treatment and have permanent injuries, or whether you are done going to the doctor and you are recovered after your car accident.

In small cases where treatment is done quickly, we can order all the medical bills and records and get a demand out quickly.  That's because small injuries with temporary treatment are worth less money than big injuries with permanent consequences for the eprson who got hurt in the car accident.

In other cases, if treatment involves a permanent injury, it takes much longer to get all of the medical records and doctor opinions together. And if you have a clear end point for treatment, we should wait until we know how you are doing.  And we never want to settle a car accident case without claiming ALL of your injuries and problems.

Should You Talk To A Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accident lawyers give a free consultation.  That means they can tell you how much your case might be worth and how long it will take.

A good lawyer can also tell you how to avoid insurance company traps and tricks they use to reduce the value of your car accident settlement.  So a free consult is a really good idea.

My office offers free consultations 24/7.  Literally you can call us any time, night or day, for free.

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car accident settlement


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