Dog Bite Injury? How Long Does A Dog Bite Injury Case Take?

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January 25  

Dog Bite Injury?  How Long Does A Dog Bite Injury Case Take?

dog bite injury

Dog Bite Injury? If you are wondering how long it takes to get paid in a dog bite injury case, then you have come to the right place.

Dogs can be great companions.  But I have met a lot of people who did not grow up with dogs.  Or maybe they had a neighbor with a mean dog.

You can be the victim of a dog bite even if you love dogs.  A dog which ahs been abused or is nervous can look neutral or friendly when in fact, he or she is ready to bite. So always exercicse caution around unfamilair dogs.

Many people want to know how long various injur cases take.  Dog bite cases are no exception.

Here is what goes into the analysis.

Do we know who the dog owner is and where they live?

I had a case with a very serious dog bite happened by the dog was wandering the neighborhood.  No one claimed him.

If we do not know who owns the dog, we do not know who to sue and what insuracne they might have.

So if we know who the dog owner is and who their insurance is right away, thet speeds up the process of settling a dog bite injury case.

Is your medical care long term or was your course of treament done quickly?

Some people who get bit by a dog get very little medical care.  They go to the ER and maybe they get the wound cleaned out or maybe get stitches.  A follow up doctor visit or two, and they are done going to the doctor.

This is good from a 'speed of settlement' standpoint, but if your medical bills are low, the time under a doctor's case is short, and you do not have any scars, this means the case might be able to be settled quickly.  But it also means it has limited value.

So you are in a situation where if someone needs surgery or plastic surgery tio fix scars and is under the care for a doctors a long time, they will have bigger medical bills. They will be under. a deoctor's care longer.  These things mean the case will taker longer to resolve.  But it also means that the case is probably worth a lot more money.

As in most injury cases, any good injury will lawyer will tell you that the more medical care, the more valuable the case, as a general rule.  But smaller, simpler cases are often easier to settle.

Is there a disagreement about how the dog bite injury happened?

If you have witnesses who says you did not provoke the dog, that's good.  Or if there is video of the dog just attacking you.

Buit if a witness or a dog owner lies and says you provoked the dog, this may cause the insuranc ecompany to 'fight' the case.  That means we will probably have to file a lawsuit.

Any time a law suit is involved, the case slows downa nd it increases how long it takes to settle a dog bite injury case.

The better and clear the picture of liability is, the better our chances are to win the case quickly.

Talk to a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer.

Truth is, there are hundreds of factors that go into figuring out how long it takes to win a dog bite case.

The best way for you to know this, and how much your case might be worth is to ttalk to an experienced injury lawyer.

I have been handling dog bite cases for more than 20 years, and we do a very nice job on them.

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