Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Tells 3 Things You Must Do

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May 21  

Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Tell You 3 Things To Do To Win Your Case

Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Scott DeSalvo explains the things you should do after being hit by a car while walking.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car versus pedestrian accident, there are three things you have to know about to protect your rights and the value of your case.  Most of these injuries happen when someone is crossing the street.  Ideally, you are crossing the street in a crosswalk, with a light, and some witnesses who say it was the driver's fault.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, auto insurance companys defend these cases by claiming that the pedestrian 'darted out' into the street.  While this does occasionally happen, it is far more common that drivers are driving distracted.

A distracted driver is often using their cell phone, or tuning their radio.  Maybe they are eating or drinking.  Or perhaps they are lost and are looking for addresses rather than looking at the road.  Or they are angry and yelling at someone on their phone.

No matter why the driver was distracted, most pedestrian get hit by a car because the car or truck driver was distracted, didn't see you and as a result, you got hit.  I've been a Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer for quite some times, and I know this to be true, based on the cases I have handled over the years.

But just because your injuries are the drivers fault doesn't necessarily mean they will take responsibility for it.

That's why I made a video fo pedestrian accident victims to learn how to protect their chance to win their case. And, to get everything the law says an injured person deserves.

In this short video, I will run through those three things for you.

It comes down to these three things:

  1. Be precise about exactly WHERE the impact took place. Were you in a crosswalk crossing the street? Outside the crosswalk? In a parking lot? Where you were when the pedestrian accident happened is key.
  2. Get Witnesses. If you have witnesses who can confirm your testimony about where the crash happened, that can really help.
  3. DO NOT Give a Recorded Statement! Insurance companies like to ask trick "leading' questions and record the conversation. They NEVER do this to help you, only to defeat your pedestrian injury case.

If you have a Chicago pedestrian accident, doing these three things can make the difference between winning and losing your case.  And this is the best advice any Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer will give you, if they know what they are doing.

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