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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Chicago Tells 3 Things You MUST DO!

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Chicago Scott D. DeSalvo explains the three things you MUST do if you or a loved one has been abused or injured in a nursing home.

Doing these three things will protect your loved one from further abuse and protect your ability to maintain a nursing home abuse case.  Nothing is guaranteed, but anything you can do, you shoudl do, especially if you suspect that your loved one is being hurt in a nursing home.

Visit Often.

If you or a loved one is living in a nursing home, having visitors is important.


Because 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease".  Basically, it means that if the facility and nursing home staff sees that a resident has people watching you for them, they mind themselves better.

If someone visits, they are more likely to notice brusies or dehydration or not eating. The resident can tell their loved one, and problems can be be addressed right away.  There are many challenges for staff in nursing homes.  They are often understaffed and they sometimes do not have the trianing or supplies they need to take good care of your loved one.

There is no questions the nursing home residents with guests are treated better and more cautiously and any good nursing home abuse lawyer Chicago will tell you that.

Report the Facility to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

If you suspect wrongdoing, abuse or injury, then report it.

Under Illinois law, nursing homes are monitored and governed by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Department takes complaints and performs investigations into nursing home abuse and neglect.  Their website is here.

The IDPH makes a report.  They summarize the evidence they found. They also draw a conclusions as to what the nursing home did wrong.

A nursing home abuse lawyer Chicago will find such reports invaluable in their evalaution of your nursing home abuse case.  The reports are simialr to police reports iin car accident cases.  They provide a strong starting point and key information that a lawyer needs to evaluate and win your case.

nursing home abuse lawyer Chicago
Get a Free consultation with a Lawyer Who Knows Nursing Home Law.

Nursing home cases are complex, time consuming and expensive.  They usually involve multiple Defendants.  They may or may not include aspects of medical malpractice.

It can take more than a year for a lawyer to investigate a nursing home abuse case.  That means that getting a nursing home abuse lawyer invovled as early as possibl e is a very good idea.

A lawyer can direct you on how to help your loved one.  A lawyer can make sure that all repsonsible parties are included in any complaint or law suit. And a good nursing home lawyer will help you and your loved one gets full compensation for the horible circumstance of the abuse of nursing home residents. 

If you have questions or need more help, give me a call, toll-free, at 312-500-4500.   This is a 24 hour line, so we always answer, so feel free to call when you have time if you have any questions or concerns.  It is an absolutely free confidential consultation.

Or, you aren't' ready to talk to a lawyer, I have created an Injury Cheat Sheet that is a valuable resource to help you know what to do after a loved one is hurt.  You can get it below (further down the page).

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