Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer Tells What You Need To Know…


May 21  

Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer - What You Need To Know...

Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer: What you need to know if you or a loved one has been injured in a contruction accident.

Personal Injury and Workers Comp lawyer Scott D. DeSalvo explains the things you have to know if you or a loved one has been in a construction accident with injuries.

These are very serious cases with a lot of complexity. And, construction accidents result in very serious injuries or even death. Making sure you know what to expect is very important.

In summary, here's what you need to know:

Construction Accidents Involve Workers Comp and Third Party Lawsuits, and That's Good For You.

Filing a Workers' Comp case is essential because it gets you a paycheck while you are off work, and the Workers' Comp insurance carrier's file will contain important information to help win your case.

Then, a third party lawsuit can also be made for a bigger recovery for your injuries than Workers Comp often is able to provide.

Construction Accident Cases Rarely Settle Early.

Be patient. They fight these cases hard. Jumping at a settlement too soon can ruin you.

Because these kinds of injury cases result in big injuries, they also ususally involve large dollar amounts.  That means any Chicago construction accident lawyer will tell you that the case may have to be filed in Court and there may be some discovery and a full investigation before even considering a settlement.

Consult a Good Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer.

Get in touch with someone who knows how to handle a Construction accident case. In other words, an experienced construction accident injury lawyer. Make sure you pick a lawyer you feel comfortable with and get a free consultation before signing up with a lawyer.

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