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Do I Have A Good Car Accident Case?

Here's How To Know If You Have a Good Car Accident Case.

Do I have a good car accident case? Stay tuned.

What are the three things to look for if you want to know if you have a good car crash case?

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Clear Fault

The first thing is clear fault. In other words, where you had a dead stop and got rear-ended. Or did somebody else run the red light when you hit the green. We're looking for a situation where it's obvious whose fault it was and it wasn't your fault it was the other guys'. That makes for a powerful case.

Good Insurance

The second thing we look for in a car crash case to make it a good case for you, if you've suffered an injury is, whether the other side has good auto insurance or whether it's a commercial vehicle. Because commercial vehicles like a Pepsi truck, a Coca-Cola truck or some business delivery truck, they're required by law to have higher insurance limits. That means if they hurt you, they're able to afford to pay.

Prompt and Appropriate Medical Care

The third thing you can do to ensure that your car accident case is a good one is to make sure that you get prompt and appropriate medical care. Prompt means if you're hurt, go to the doctor right away. An appropriate means qualified good doctors. Doctors who are going to take care of you, document your injuries, treat your injuries, not give you unnecessary medical care and medical treatment.

I've had clients in the past who wanted me to submit things like health club memberships or massages just from a massage technician. That doesn't really count as medical treatment. Unless it is ordered by a doctor, we really don't have a chance to recover.

If you have all three things: clear liability, good insurance and prompt and appropriate medical care, you have a strong case. If you have any other questions please feel free to give me a call. I'd be happy to talk to you about your case and what your options are.

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