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Do I Have A Good Nursing Home Injury Case?

How Can I Know If I Have A Good Nursing Home Injury Case?

Nursing home cases can be costly and very complicated. So if you suspect that a loved one has been abused or injured in a nursing home, call a lawyer. Get a free consultation from an attorney because these are very complicated cases. Now I'm not going to leave you high and dry. I do have some additional information. Three things that you should look for that can help you understand whether it's a good case.

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Serious Injury

The first thing to look for is whether it's a serious injury, God forbid somebody killed or crippled or is the injury critical. The reason that's important is because nursing home cases are costly to prosecute, so lawyers look for serious injuries. So that there's a chance of a settlement or verdict being high enough to compensate both your loved one and the attorney for the amount of time and money it costs to invest.

Nursing home cases usually require at least two expert witnesses. And when you're hiring expert witnesses like expert nurses, nursing home experts and doctors, that's a lot of money. There has to be a reasonably serious injury for it to make economic sense to proceed on the case.

Pattern Of Abuse and Careless Resident Care

The second thing to look for is a clear pattern of abuse and neglect. If other people have fallen at the nursing home, if your loved one has fallen multiple times, if there have been complaints about the care multiple times. And all of that went unanswered leading to your loved one being injured that makes for a strong case.

Illinois Department Of Public Health

The third thing to look for in a nursing home case is has the nursing home been reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health. In Illinois, this department investigates wrongdoing by nursing homes and they create a report. So the question is, has the Illinois Department of Public Health sighted the nursing home where your loved one was injured? And have you reported them for your incident and have they done an investigation?

Even if the Illinois Department of Public Health hasn't found any wrongdoing, that doesn't mean that they weren't negligent. So even if the report comes back negative, you should still talk to a lawyer about whether a case can be built.

If a loved one of yours has been hurt in a nursing home, I sincerely extend my condolences to you, that is frustrating and a terrible breach of trust. But if you'd like to speak with an attorney please feel free to give me a call. 

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