Do I Have a Good CTA Injury Case?

November 21  

How To Know If You Have a Good CTA Injury Case?

In this article, we're going to talk about injuries on the CTA and how to know if you have a good injury case. So how do you really know if you have a good CTA injury case?

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Report, Witnesses, Ambulance

Well the first thing to look for is, did you make a report of injury with the CTA? Can you identify the bus number, the driver number? Are there any witnesses who saw what happened? CTA loves to deny that incidents occurred and they'd defend cases that way. But if you have an incident report from the CTA, meaning you reported your injury and perhaps were taken from the bus by ambulance. Or if you have witnesses to what happened and you're able to obtain their names and phone numbers, the CTA can't weasel out of your case by saying that it never happened.

Clear Injury

The second thing to look for is a clear injury that clearly stems from the CTA's negligence. So if you're injured on a CTA bus or train, did you report the injury right away? Did you take an ambulance from the scene? Or did you follow up with a doctor right away and make it crystal clear to that doctor that you were injured on the CTA?

If you are not clear with your medical provider about where the injury started, many medical providers are vague in the medical records and they don't say exactly how it happened. So if a medical provider puts the wrong thing in the medical records and says you may have gotten hurt at home or it's vague it just says "patient reports falling". Well that's not good enough that's actually good evidence for the CTA to contest your case.


The third thing you want are witnesses. You need good witnesses as to your medical condition before your incident on the CTA, witnesses to the accident on the CTA, if you have them, and strong witnesses who can testify about the things that you struggle with today as a result of the injury on the CTA bus or train.

Witnesses are super important because if it's just you saying you had the accident and you're in a lot of pain, that has some value. But it's nothing compared to other people who have witnessed your injury, witnessed how you were before your injury and have witnessed how you've progressed and the limitations in your life.

Talk To A Lawyer
So if you have these three things you probably have a strong CTA case. But it's hard to evaluate cases without the help of an attorney and luckily injury attorneys do offer free consultations. So if you've been injured on the Chicago Transit Authority or on a CTA bus or train please consider giving a lawyer a call. You can call me I'd be happy to talk to you but if you don't talk to me get a free consultation from some other injury lawyer.

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