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Why Is It HARD To Find

A New Injury Lawyer?

Finding A New Personal Injury Lawyer

In this article, I am going to answer the question, “Why is it hard to find a new lawyer to handle my case after my old lawyer drops the case?”

So, I got contacted by a guy who had three prior lawyers on his case, and he contacted me and told me that after the last lawyer dropped the case he had talked to like half a dozen lawyers. And as soon as they found out that there were a bunch of lawyers on the case previously, they didn't want the case and he didn't know why.

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A New Lawyer Needs To Evaluate Your Case

In fact, got out of the case so what I told the gentleman who called me was that because there were some challenges in the case and because there were three prior lawyers, I wanted him to talk to them to see if they would release their lien.

Lien is a legal word, a lien is just the lawyers right under a law to get paid if he does work on a case so a lawyer has an option to release their lien when they would draw from a case.

But a lot of lawyers don’t, or they leave it vague, so I had this gentleman go and talked to his former attorneys. Now, it turns out they hadn't done very much work on the case, so they were all willing to release their liens. So, if you have former lawyers on a case or they're dropping the case or they're getting out of the case, you might want to talk to them about whether they're willing to give you a letter saying that they're releasing their lien, that just means they don't want to get paid out of your case and if you do that, it will make it way easier for you to find a personal injury lawyer to pick up your case and you know either settle it or take it to court for you.

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