How to Prepare For Your Personal Injury Claim

When you have suffered an accident because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim. With the help of Chicago personal injury lawyers, you can overcome this injury and find the best outcome to compensate your situation. You will have an initial interview with an attorney to describe the details of the injury. Here is a quick rundown on what lawyers recommend you prepare for an initial interview, and in general, to create a solid personal injury claim:

  1. What happened?

No matter how simple it sounds, it is important to have your claim detailed and outlined with the exact answers to any who, what, when, where, and why questions related to your injury. The attorneys will be looking for these things in the information below.

  1. Who has helped and treated you?

Create a list of every medical professional who has assisted you. Include important contact information such as emails, phone numbers, and address. List their specific occupations and places of work.

  1. What has the injury cost you?

Keep track of all the expenses related to your injury that have been spending out-of-pocket. This includes things such as medical bills, prescriptions, supplies, and any other items you spent money on related to the injury.

  1. How has it affected your life?

A personal injury does not only cost you money, it often has multiple quality of life costs associated with it as well. Ask yourself, are there things you can’t do anymore? Did you have to take time off work, and did you lose pay? How long did/will the injury affect your life? How long have you felt pain? It is important to be as specific and honest as you can.

As the victim, you deserve compensation. However, you merit time to spend healing and less time with the legality issues. Take away some of your stress and contact professional Chicago personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Scott DeSalvo: where experience is on your side.


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