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If you had an injury at work, the process included in making a claim for your injury can be stressful and extremely confusing. What am I entitled to if I have a work injury? What am I supposed to get paid? 

Work injury victims in Tinley Park, IL can turn to The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC, where we are devoted to helping hurt workers in Tinley Park, IL with work injury claims. We dedicate our entire law practice to helping victims of injury. 

We do everything within our power for you, from submitting the case, to talking to the insurance adjuster, to making sure your medical care is working for you, to settling your case for maximum value. Call us for a free, no responsibility consultation so you can get responses to your questions. 

"Scott  is absolutely fantastic. He will always go the extra mile for his clients. They always take the time to return phone calls at all hours and I highly recommend him to all my friends."

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"Great people and Scott's a great lawyer. They helped me make the wisest decision for my case, and that's important in serious legal matters.  I trust him completely.  He is the one to call."

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"Scott D. DeSalvo is very sharp minded professional and kind. He responds quickly with thorough analysis of the issue. I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends." 

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"My daughter had a somewhat unusual injury case.  Scott is smart and got the maximum award possible under the insurance policy! You just don’t get better than that."

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The Most Benefits for Tinley Park, IL Work Injuries

At The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC, we understand the discomfort and financial hardship that happens when an individual is seriously injured and can not work. When you hire us to represent you in your Workers' Comp case in Tinley Park, IL or nearby locations, we will assist in making sure that you get all the benefits allowed under the law. Our number one priority is assisting you and ensuring that you recuperate from your injuries and getting you all of the benefits permitted under the law. 

We provide excellent legal representation to customers looking for compensation for on-the-job injuries in Tinley Park, IL through the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (formerly called the Illinois Industrial Commission). We also help individuals in auto accident, fall downs, dog bites, nursing home abuse, or no matter how they've been injured. 

We represent people who work in every kind of job. We assist individuals in education, retail workers, building and construction workers, truck drivers, cab and Uber drivers, and factory workers. We assist anybody working in Illinois if they got hurt at work. 

We can help you with these types of injuries/accidents:

Workers Comp Lawyer Tinley Park, IL

Workers Comp Tinley Park, IL

What to Know About Workers' Compensation in Tinley Park, IL

Employers are required to have Workers Compensation insurance to cover their hurt employees. If an employee is hurt while working, then they are entitled to get benefits under the Workers Compensation Act. 

If you can not go back to your old job because of your injuries, Illinois Workers' Comp might, in this case, require them to pay to re-train you to do a different job. Then benefits are cut off once you have a new job and are getting paid. If you earn a lot less at your new job, you may be entitled to a "Wage Differential" Award. This pays a portion of the difference between your old rate of pay and new rate of pay. 

If your physician decides that you can no longer work performing any kind of job leading to paid employment due to your Tinley Park, IL work injury, then you would get permanent disability benefits. 

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Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Tinley Park, IL

Even if an employer provides Workers' Compensation Insurance, this does not indicate that you automatically get benefits. Workers Comp insurance providers wish to postpone and reject claims to save cash. This gives them larger profits. That's why I inform individuals who got hurt at work to speak to a skilled Workers Comp lawyer after any work injury. 

There are numerous methods an employer can utilize to combat a Workers Comp Case in Tinley Park, IL. If an employer attempts to deny a Workers' Compensation claim, then the injured worker needs to speak to a lawyer right away. A lawyer can get your benefits and expenses paid quickly if there is no valid defense. On your own, you will probably be at their mercy. 

Often, a worker is "On the Clock" but gets hurt by another person. Examples consist of a delivery driver whose truck is hit by another driver, or a worker who is injured by somebody who is not employed by that very same company. In these scenarios, you would have a second case. It is called a "Third Party Case" and you still get Workers Comp benefits. You can, likewise, make a claim against the person and/or company who harmed you. This can get complicated, so having a Tinley Park, IL Workers Comp lawyer help you is a wise idea. 

A friend of mine referred me to Mr. DeSalvo, and when I spoke with him over the telephone, he seemed like he was very straight up. He kept me informed and gave me his opinion on the case, but he let me make my own decision.  He made me feel very confident about my case. I would refer a friend or family member who needed a lawyer to him.”


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Contact a Workers' Compensation Lawyer In Tinley Park, IL

When you get hurt at work or have a work-related disease or illness, your healing is made more difficult by stressing about how to pay rent and how to manage medical care. Hiring a Workers Comp lawyer is the best and fastest method to a smooth process in your work injury case. 

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Learning About Workers' Compensation Cases

Reasonable expectations are very important. Small injuries result in smaller sized settlements, normally. Larger injuries indicate more cash. If you wait a long period of time before hiring a Workers Comp attorney in Tinley Park, IL, that may suggest that the insurance company has already damaged your case behind the scenes. It can take some time to fix the issues within a case. Good communication and trust with your lawyer is essential. Your lawyer must communicate with you. Your lawyer should be available to address your concerns. She or he needs to be able to inform you on how long the case might take. A Workers Comp lawyer in Tinley Park, IL can tell you about the strengtha and weak points of your case. 

Your case will probably be much easier and smoother with a good lawyer. But in some cases, a case can simply take a long time and have issues which limit its worth. This might dissatisfy you, however, it is the reality. 

The Workers' Compensation Process

You have 3 years to file your case with the Commission. Your lawyer will complete all of the documentation. They will ensure that it is complete and correct. Your lawyer will file it correctly, and make sure that the employer and their insurance company are notified. And they will manage speaking with the claims adjuster. Another due date to be aware of is that you have 3 years to submit the overall paperwork. If you do not, your case could be over. That indicates no benefits for you. 

It is important for us to wait to find out what you injuries are and to see if you are getting any better. We would not want to settle your case without understanding all of your injuries. 

Life is simple if your claim gets completely approved. In numerous cases, the Workers Comp insurance sends you to their doctor. The Company Doctor typically supplies the Workers Comp insurance with a reason to fight your case. The most common excuses are:

  • Your injury isn't from work
  • You aren't truly harmed
  • Your injuries are small and you got excessive medical care
  • You injuries are wear and tear, not from a work mishap

This is the number one reason why I tell people to hire a Tinley Park, IL Workers Comp lawyer early on in the process. A great lawyer will be able to see if they are getting ready to cut off your benefits and deny your claim. 

Working With the Very Best Work Injury Lawyers in Tinley Park, IL

Call us at The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC if you're searching for the best Tinley Park, IL Workers Comp Lawyer. Workers Comp lawyer Scott DeSalvo is here to assist you. We can make sure that you get paid, that your medical expenses get paid, and that the entire procedure runs smoothly. 

The assessment is free. And we only make money AFTER we get you paid. We never ever request money out of your pocket. Give us a call at any time night or day at 312-500-4500.