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When you get hurt at work or have a work-related disease or illness, your recovery is made harder by worrying about how to pay the rent and how to afford medical care. This is the last thing you need in your life. Hiring a Joliet, IL Workers Comp lawyer is the best and fastest way to a smooth process in your work injury case.

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Top Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In Joliet, IL

If you had an injury at work, the processes involved your injury can be very confusing and stressful. The steps involved can be daunting, from filing a claim to following up with insurance providers. What am I entitled to if I have a work injury?  What am I supposed to get paid? Can I choose own doctor?  Being off work and not having money coming in makes things even harder.

Work injury victims in Joliet, IL can turn to DeSalvo Law, where we are committed to helping injured workers in Joliet with work injury claims. We dedicate our entire law practice to helping victims of injury.

Once you hire me, I handle the entire process for you.  Nothing to worry about, and all of your questions answered.  We do everything for you, from filing the case, to talking to the insurance adjuster, to making sure your medical care is working for you, to settling your case for maximum value.  And we do all of this for you with no payment until we win your case.

Call one of our Workers Comp Lawyers in Joliet, IL for a free no obligation consultation so you can get answers to your questions.

We can help you with these types of injuries/accidents:

Workers Comp Lawyers Joliet, IL

Workers Comp Lawyers Joliet, IL

The Workers’ Compensation Process

You have 3 years to actually file your case with the Commission.  Your lawyer will fill out all of the paperwork.  They will make sure it is correct and complete.  Your lawyer will file it properly, and make sure the employer and their insurance company is notified.  And they will handle talking to the claims adjuster. Another deadline to be aware of is that your have 3 years to file the right paperwork. If you do not, your case could be over.  That means no benefits for you.

Then the insurance company will usually hire a lawyer to protect their interests.  Waiting to find out what you injuries are and to see if you are getting better is important.  We would not want to settle your case without knowing all of your injuries.  We also need to know how much medical care you need.  That means we have to be a little patient.

If you claim is completely approved, life is easy.  But in many cases, the Workers Comp insurance sends you to their doctor.  The Company Doctor usually provides the Workers Comp insurance a reason to fight your case. The most common excuses are:

  • Your injury isn’t from work.
  • You aren’t really hurt.
  • Your injuries are minor and you got to much medical care.
  • You injuries are wear and tear, not from a work accident.

This is the number one reason why I tell people to hire one of our Workers Comp Lawyers in Joliet, IL early on in the process. A good lawyer will be able to tell when they are maneuvering you into a corner.  A good lawyer will be able to see if they are getting ready to cut off benefits and deny your claim.  Your lawyer can fight all of this, and the earlier, the better.

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Common Workplace Injuries In Joliet, IL to Know About

A simple injury at work can start out feeling like a minor injury that you will easily recover from. But it is wha happens in the weeks and months after the injury that tell us what your outcome will be.  You should act right away after a work injury to get a free consultation with a Workers Comp lawyer, to know your rights.  Consultations are free, but the peace of mind you will get is priceless.

You might be worried about whether you will get in trouble at work if you make a claim. Or you may even wonder whether your injuriy is one that will be covered.

Here are the most common workplace injuries:

  • Being caught or crushed in a machine.
  • Fall at work.
  • Injury related to lifting, pulling or pushing a heavy weight. Or repeated pushing, pulling, bending or lifting.
  • Traffic crashes in company vehicles.
  • Repetitive injuries from doing the same motions over and over.
  • Being attacked at work.
  • Being hit by a falling object, or by a door or window.

These are the most common, but there's lot of ways to get hurt at work in Joliet, IL.

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Maximum Benefits From Workers' Comp Firm in Joliet, IL

Virtually all Illinois workers are entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. It doesn’t matter if the company did anything wrong.  Fault or negligence doesn’t matter. Benefits include reasonable and necessary medical expenses, temporary replacement income, occupational retraining assistance, and compensation for a permanent disability.

However, because your employer's expenses go up when you collect benefits, your employer may try to limit the amount of benefits you receive. Workers Comp insurance companies make profits when they pay you as little as possible That is true even if your injuries are serious.

When you are dealing with the effects of a major injury, you are not in the strongest position to fight the system. Our Workers Comp Lawyers in Joliet, IL who are well-versed in the laws and procedures of the Illinois Workers' Compensation system are in a better position to fight for your interests and ensure that you receive the compensation owed to you.

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Getting Benefits for Joliet, IL Work Injuries

At The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC, we understand the pain and financial hardship that happens when a person is seriously injured and cannot work. When you engage us to represent you in your Workers' Comp case in Joliet, IL or nearby areas, we will help ensure that you get all the benefits allowable under the law. recovering from your injuries and getting back to work, if possible, is the number on priority.

We give top notch legal representation to clients seeking compensation for on-the-job injuries in Joliet, IL through the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (formerly known as the Illinois Industrial Commission).  We also help people in car crashes, fall downs, dog bites, nursing home abuse, or no matter how they got hurt.

We represent people who work in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and public service including office workers, health care workers as well as firefighters, and maintenance workers. Legal fees are ONLY paid when we win your case. There is no out of pocket payment to the lawyer.  The fee is usually set by law at 20% of what we win for you.  You need to have an attorney on your side to help you receive the maximum benefits, as fast as possible.

What To Know About Workers’ Compensation in Joliet, IL

Employers are required to have Workers Compenstion insurance to cover their injured employees. If a workers i injured while working, then they are entitled to get benefits under the Workers compensation Act.  That is the law that covers Workers Comp and how it works.  If you are injured in Joliet, IL the law says you get payment of all related medical bills, necessary medical care, rehabilitation, and 2/3 of your pay while off work with a doctor’s note.

If you cannot return to your old job because of your injuries, Illinois workers’ comp may also require them to pay to retrain you to do a different job.  Once you have a new job and are getting paid, then benefits are cut off.  But if you earn a lot less in your new job, you may be entitled to a “wage differential” award.  This pays you a portion of the difference between your old pay and new pay. 

If your doctors decides that you can no longer work performing any type of work providing gainful employment due to your Joliet, IL work injury, then you would get permanent disability benefits.

Joliet, IL Workers’ Compensation

First, you should know that if you got hurt on the job in Joliet, IL, you are probably covered under Workers Comp.  To understand your workers’ compensation rights, you should know that state laws control your claim. In Illinois, employers are required to cover their employees with workers’ compensation insurance. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC), approximately 91% of Illinois employees are covered under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

Injured workers in Joliet, IL are almost always covered in Illinois.  But, it is important to note that there are some situations where an employee is not eligible for workers’ comp benefits, including:

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Injuries suffered while committing a serious crime
  • Injuries suffered while not on the job
  • Injuries suffered while violating company policy
  • Not being an employee, but instead, an independeant contractor.

In most situations, benefits should be available in the event of an injury. It is quite rare for an employee to not be eligible for Workers Comp benefits. The law also sets out the roles and responsibilities of an injured work and an employer.  These include the “45 Day Rule” which requires that an injured workers reports his injuries within 45 days after the injury.  There are a lot of these rules, so having a lawyer on your side is the right move.

You have 45 days to report the accident. You should tell your employer via a supervisor or member of the management team about the accident and or injury.  Ideally, you do this right when it happens.  Sometimes and employees doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, or they feel embarrassed.  But you MUST tell your employer.  If you do not, you could lose your case. 

When you hire one of our Workers Comp Lawyers in Joliet, IL, he or she will explain what you have to do.  In most cases, your lawyer will protect all the deadlines and requirements so you can focus on getting better and healing.

Hiring the Best Work Injury Lawyers in Joliet, IL

Give us a call at tThe Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC if you’re searching for the “best Joliet work related injury lawyer near me,” Scott DeSalvo is here to help you with the knowledge and experience needed to provide the most best representation.  This means a quicker settlement and the best outcome possible. We can give you the help you need to get the benefits you deserve in your case.  We can make sure you get paid, your medical bills get paid, and the entire process is smooth.  Or as smooth as possible.

The consultation is free. And we only get paid AFTER we get you paid. We never ask for money out of your pocket.  Give us a call any time night or day at 312-500-4500.