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Misdiagnosis? 4 Ways A Misdiagnosis Medical Malpractice Can Affect Your Health Forever


Misdiagnosis? If These Kinds of Medical Malpractice Mistakes Are Caught Quickly, They May Avoid Harm, But They May Also Affect Yoru Life and Health Forever.

Did you ever consider that you may be entitled to a legal claim because of a misdiagnosis?

Most people don’t think a misdiagnosis is any reason to engage a Chicago Medical malpractice law firm to pursue a claim. But misdiagnosis by doctors can lead to serious health effects and significant reductions in the quality of your life at best, and life-threatening complications at worst. And it can mean substantial damages for those who are injured.

Women’s Health Magazine wrote an illuminating story about several women who spent several years of their lives suffering because doctors failed to correctly diagnose their illnesses.

To make matters worse, this phenomenon is not only apparent in anecdotal bits and pieces. According to a study by BMJ Quality and Safety, around 12 million patients in the United States were misdiagnosed in 2014.

There are several ways a missed diagnosis may affect you or a loved one.

Consider these four complications and you may end up wanting to talk to a Chicago medical malpractice law firm:

Lack of timely treatment.

Early detection is key in obtaining the best possible outcome for a life-threatening illness. Consider, though, the blue-collar worker who is put out of work with a bum knee which a doctor misdiagnoses which causes the injury to worsen. Those are prime working years (and wages) that are forever lost.

Dangerous, excessive drug prescriptions

If you’ve ever seen a drug commercial, you’re familiar with the long list of side effects they tell you at the end. Unnecessary medication leads to unnecessary side effects, causing you to suffer for no reason.


Unnecessary surgery

In extreme cases, a misdiagnosis could lead to invasive surgeries that are completely unnecessary. Imagine taking the risk of going under the knife only to find out your problem could have been healed with something as noninvasive as physical therapy.

Mental anguish

Living with a disease which does not improve with treatment can wreak havoc on your mental state. You may be labeled a hypochondriac and ostracized, all because the medical establishment has failed you.

When you or someone you know is misdiagnosed because of medical malpractice you need to get in contact with a Chicago medical malpractice law firm. 

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