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If you think you have been the victim of medical malpractice, you should contact the Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, a leading Chicago medical malpractice law firm.

What is medical malpractice?

This legal term describes any case in which a healthcare provider causes harm to a patient by deviating from an established standard of care. Think of it as medical negligence — a situation in which a doctor fails to fulfill their duties to the standards demanded by their profession. Remember, however, just because a given medical procedure did not go according to plan, that does not necessarily constitute medical malpractice.

How prevalent is medical malpractice?

More common than you may think. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical malpractice is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., ranking right behind heart disease and cancer.

What should I do?

If you think you are the victim of medical malpractice, we strongly suggest the following:

  • Document everything you can. Because this is a scary and stressful time, you will forget details that may be important. Document dates, times, names of doctors and nurses and dosages, among other things. Be descriptive in your notes and try to document as things are happening, if possible. Even if you are not contemplating a law suit, documenting the details can help you during this stressful time.
  • Ask questions. Questioning health-care providers can be intimidating, but this is not a time to be hesitant. Asking question can be pivotal in getting the damages you deserve. Ask how your injuries occurred and how they will be remedied. As a patient, you have a right to know what happened.
  • Request your medical records. Under Illinois law, you are entitled to all your medical records. Do not take “no” for an answer!
  • Hire an experienced Chicago medical malpractice law firm. Two years is the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims in Illinois, so do not delay. An attorney can help you get the information the medical professionals may not be giving you. Additionally, your attorney can help you collect crucial evidence and help prove that a clear breach of established standards occurred that resulted in your injuries.

The Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo is a top tier Chicago medical malpractice law firm.Contact us today to set up your free consultation.


"Hiring Scott was one of the best moves I have made in my life.   Scott is a down to earth person and attorney.  Scott is a 5 star first class act who really knows his stuff.   The Judge said his presentation was one of if not the best he had ever seen.   Take my advice, hire Scott. I’m sure you’ll be 200% satisfied.  I was."

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