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Nursing Home Abuse - Medication Errors

Nursing homes are premised on the assumption that the elderly can receive better care in a facility than they can in their own homes. While many times this is true, unfortunately some residents experience nursing home abuse and neglect. More than 40% of nursing home residents have reported abuse, which equates to about 2 million reported cases of nursing home abuse or neglect each year.

These numbers are staggering but they don’t reflect the entire problem, many cases of nursing abuse actually go unreported due to inability or unwillingness to file a formal report. Residents also fear that they will not be able to win their case or prove that they are experiencing abuse. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney will consult with you on your case and fight for your right to fair compensation. Nursing home abuse lawyers are also dedicated to making sure nursing homes do not get away with their behavior and that they are prevented from ever harming another resident again.

Nursing homes have a responsibility to their residents and their families to provide proper care and support. Part of that care is providing their residents with their correct medication. Medication errors are a common form of nursing home abuse and are recognized as a problem in the medical field as well.

Medication errors are extremely serious in nursing homes as they can result in sickness and even death. Many elderly residents are not in charge of their own medication; rather it is regulated, distributed, and supervised by the nursing home staff. Many care facilities are understaffed, so medication errors might not be a result of malicious intent but rather negligence and lack of supervision on behalf of the nursing home.

In order for the state to investigate nursing home abuse as it relates to medication errors it must identity each care facility’s medication error rate. Nursing homes are required to keep their error rate below certain standards and if it rises above that percentage they are required to take corrective action. That error rate must be kept below 5%.

Medication errors are a common form of nursing home abuse and should be reported as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of Scott D. DeSalvo we are dedicated to helping you and your loved one receive the justice they deserve. The elderly deserve to be treated with care, dignity, and respect by their nursing home. If you think your loved one is experiencing medication errors in their care facility then call the Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo right away to get your case started.

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