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Nursing home abuse and neglect can have a variety of effects on the victims. One such effect of improper treatment is malnutrition. Malnutrition is a lack of proper nutrition that can lead to a number of other health problems. Malnutrition encompasses everything from not having enough food to eat, not eating enough of the foods that your body requires, eating too many foods that are bad for your body, or not being able to use or digest the food you are eating. As you can imagine, the effects of malnutrition can be devastating.

Malnutrition, also called malnourishment, may arise from a poor diet, meaning the victim of malnutrition is eating foods that are either low in the nutrients our bodies need or not eating enough foods that contain these nutrients. If the foods being served in nursing home facilities are low quality or do not contain adequate nutrients, it can be detrimental to the health of the residents. If these residents are being underfed or neglected, it can also be detrimental to their health. Malnutrition may arise from health conditions such as digestive conditions or diseases that make digesting or processing food and nutrients difficult.

Symptoms of malnutrition often include things like weight loss, dizziness, or chronic fatigue. If left untreated, malnutrition can result in severe health problems such as physical or mental disability. Symptoms of malnutrition get worse over time, so treating the underlying causes of malnutrition as early as possible is incredibly important.


Another problem that may arise as a result of nursing home abuse or neglect is dehydration. Dehydration is a lack of adequate water, and can become a big problem very quickly. When nursing home residents are neglected, they may fail to receive things like food and water on a regular basis. If a resident is in need of water but is not given a supply, they can quickly take a turn for the worst. Dehydration has more immediate effects than malnutrition because our bodies require water more urgently than food. Dehydration can cause several health problems and in severe cases, fatality.

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