Broken Ankle Settlement Value? Broken Ankle and Chipped Tooth Nets Sales Manager $120k-plus!

Broken Ankle Settlement

May 21  

Broken Ankle Settlement Value? What might YOUR broken ankle be worth?

We had a great case outcome in a broken ankle settlement.  Learning what we did for the client and how. we got her the absolute most for her injury can help yopu know how these cases work.

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So What Happened?

My client, who, for confidentiality reasons, we will call “WR”, fell and broke her ankle.  She was referred to my office by a woman who spoke with me about a case years before but who did not hire me (all of my clients refer me their families and friends, and I appreciate it!).

She broke her ankle and chipped a tooth on a private sidewalk so naturally, she was interested in learning her broken ankle settlement value. Most lawyers would tell you: tough case. Fall down cases can be tough. And it was a tough case. Until I hired an architect and structural engineer to write a report outlining the problems with the sidewalk and the overhang.

Settling Before A Lawsuit

Before we filed a law suit, only one of the three Defendants would even return my call. The other two would not acknowledge the claim in any way.

This is commpon in slip and fall cases or cases involving a fall on stairs.  It is common for property owners and property managers to not respond. They do not want to encourage you, and sometimes, inexperienced lawyers will give up.  That's why working with an experienced lawyer really helps. 

What Steps Changed Their Tune?

Here are the 3 major things I do on slip and fall cases to get the best outcome for my clients:

  • Have the case ready for trial on the day we file the lawsuit.
  • Hire an architect and/or structural engineer to review the case for code violations.
  • Make sure we do a thorough analysis of medical records to claim every injury from the fall.

Too many lawyers treat slip and fall cases like they are car crashes.  Simple, easy to prove.

But the truth is, a fall down case is very complex and it required details and hard work from the beginning.  And your slip and flal lawyer cannot take 'no' for an answer.

Hard Work Pays off

That is, until I filed a lawsuit. Once they saw that the cooperative Defendant was settling, and saw that my case was ready to go to trial BEFORE I even filed the case, they knew we were serious.

The funny thing is, about 16 years ago, before I was a lawyer, I broke my leg in the exact same way and got the exact same treatment, and my case settled for $30,000.00.

I was able to get "WR" more than $120,000.00 for her injuries.

All cases are different and I am certainly not suggesting that I can get anyone anything in particular in their case. But I do guarantee that I will work hard  --and smart -- on every case that comes into my office.

Not every case ends as well as WR’s case. But when they do, it really makes this job worth doing.

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